Established in 1955, Pasadena Japanese Cultural Institute Kendo Dojo is one of the oldest kendo dojos in southern California. Maki Miyahara, Hanshi Hachi Dan (8th degree black belt), was one of the original senseis when established, he practiced at the dojo until he was 90. The current head instructor, James Yamasaki, Go Dan (5th degree black belt), had studied under Miyahara sensei for 40+ years and will be celebrating his 50th year of doing kendo in October 2022. The dojo is a member of the Southern California Kendo Federation. 

Our dojo is a member of the Southern California Kendo Federation. To find out kendo events in southern California, please visit the SCKF website :  

Dojo logo



Our dojo logo is a rose, which represents the city of Pasadena with the word, "kendo" in kanji. Logo was designed by Maureen DeGuzman.

pasadena kendo dojo

We practice at the Pasadena Japanese Cultural Institute. If interested in learning more about the center, please visit their website :